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About Us

Benjamin Polote Sr formed The Polote Corporation 40 years ago.  Through his diligence, perseverance and keen business aptitude, the firm stands poised for a second generation.  The specializes in general contracting focused on small to mid sized commercial construction projects.  Throughout its years of existence the firm has developed experience in the fields of program and construction management.  We offer those services as an added value to our clients.  Our market demographic is throughout the east coast with specific focus in the southeastern division.  Should a practical opportunity from a client require our services out of that region, we can, have, and will comply.

Stable and sustained growth is our goal.  Knowing and growing with our clients will help facilitate planned growth.  Seeking to provide the very best quality to our clients has enabled us to build and maintain those relationships.  It is our philosophy that as we build client trust, client retention and repeat business our goals are inevitable.   “With Vision there is sacrifice, with sacrifice there is reward.”


During our growth period we believe new opportunities will arise.  These opportunities will allow us to further become a diverse, multi disciplined firm should we need to adapt for our clients.  It is our objective to focus on fee based returns rather than mark-ups.  Current construction trends show that numerous municipalities are moving toward “Best Value” type selection procurements, owners find more value in quality of service rather than low price.  It is our desire to continue building a firm of seasoned professionals to offer to the specific needs of the client.

We know that before we retain the perfect client we must invest in our employees.  We have learned that good employees with the proper nurturing become great assets.  When a firm invests in the growth of its people you build a staff of loyal contributors. The company reciprocates the efforts of the employee by investing in the individual, be it monetarily, continued education and training, insurance packages and other incentives.

In implementing the attributes stated above, we believe we can retain talented, experienced people who along with the company reap the benefits of their hard work.  We are building a team of professionals who believe in the firm, realizing we are only as good as the sum of all parts.  Our team of professionals govern themselves with a personal pride in what they do because they have adopted the culture of the company. We all desire and strive to provide our clients with the best experience and higest quality product possible. 

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