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Emergency Management

The Polote Corporation demonstrates years of experience in the emergency management industry. We have been providing services to disaster areas since the 90's. Our fist big relief effort was after Hurricane Andrew which left our neighbors to the south (FL) devastated after the category 5 storm created billions in damaged to state of Florida. Andrew left cities and businesses destroyed and our fellow Americans in need of help.  The Polote Corporation was one of the first responders answering the call to assist the Corps of Engineers "Big Six" and others in the efforts to relieve the state from the damage Andrew caused.​


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Disaster Management


The Polote Corporation possesses the resources and relationships to provide a full service emergency management effort. We understand the challenges faced when cities are left without running water and electricity, the importance of state and city management getting back to full operational capacities in order to provide the citizens of those areas with the relief necessary for them to start on the path back to normalcy. Roads must be cleared for access to families, utilities restored for homes and businesses, and hazardous waste removed for a healthy quality of life. Our Disaster Management Professionals have chosen their paths out of a desire to help those in need.

Emergency Supplies


Through our alliances and partnerships The Polote Corporation can provide emergency supplies and materials to most anywhere in the country and including overseas within hours of an event. 

·         Water

·         Temporary Power

·         Temporary Housing

·         Supplies

·         Construction Supplies & Materials

·         Construction Equipment

·         More....

Debris Removal


The Polote Corporation has managed and self performed the removal of hundreds of thousands cubic yards of debris, and over the years we have also aligned ourselves with some of the top firms in the industry which have trained, mentored, and requested our emergency management professionals for debris removal efforts. We bring knowledge, experience and determination to each and every emergency situation with them same goal in mind each time; Which is to help get lives back to normal as safe and as quickly as possible. We enter each city, town and state as if it was ours and our loved ones were in need. 

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